As already discussed in our previous article “parallels between sports coaching and executive coaching” there is much to learn from the professional sports world.

Successful sports professionals have incredible talent and the ability to see what is doable. They manage themselves as a business, understanding that they are “selling & operating” themselves. They are often not just talented athletes but smart and driven business professionals. To this end they surround themselves with a unique support structure. This support structure is in place to challenge the athlete to be as good as they can be in all dimensions.

The sports manager is one pillar of support, there to open up opportunities, give strategic guidance, open up sponsoring opportunities and ensure that the athlete is aware of what is expected of them.

The trainer, an additional pillar of support, is there to encourage the athlete in their training regime. The trainer sets out grueling workouts, challenging the athlete to push themselves a little further whilst staying within within the athletes capabilities.

The coach, the third pillar of support, is there to challenge the athletes thinking. The coach provokes the athlete them to see things from a new perspective, helping to define goals and new personal challenges. Pushing the belief of what might be possible.

Talented executives have a manger or superior who’s role should be to give guidance, opening up opportunities for the talented executive to shine. Indeed it is often because of a superb manager that the talented individual got recognized in the first place. These managers are the “unsung hero’s” supporting talent, sponsoring them internally and championing where they see an opening. A wise manager will share network knowledge, organizational know how and past experiences so as to create the best environment for success. Indeed one could argue that a great manger becomes a great leader when they recognize that their role is no longer seeking the cheer of the crowd, but to champion talent to receive the cheers!

Talent, in this environment, needs to be nurtured, challenged and driven. This is why we have created our new offering with high performing talent in mind. Its simply called “coaching and training”. We are proposing a dedicated professional coach for a year working in partnership with a dedicated professional trainer for a year. A program that is personalized and designed around high performing talent, ensuring that they are at the centre of the process. A dedicated professional team to free talent to achieve all that they can. This process further enhances the efforts of the manager by ensuring their participation as an active member of the support team.

The coach works with the talented executive to challenge them to see new perspective on what is possible, driving the coachee for action planning. The trainer takes up the plan with the executive, shadowing, challenging pushing the executive to higher levels of performance, whilst remaining with in the competencies or the executive. Experiences are debriefed analyzed and fed-back into the coaching process. This drives a new level of awareness on what has worked and what needs to be done differently.

The trainer brings insightful and relevant data to help in the implementation of action planning. The coach continues to push the talented executive to explore new ways of doing, thinking, behaving and being.

This is a team, dedicated coach, dedicated trainer working in partnership with an engaged manager, towards growing talented executives beyond what was imaginable. A team that is available to the executive for one year. A one year workout, that is structured and at the same time flexible. Sessions fall into to two broad categories.

Proactive sessions – These are often pre planned regular sessions. In these sessions the executive is focused on formal development objectives that were identified at the beginning of the process.

Reactive sessions – Often booked up to four hours before hand, these sessions are frequently triggered by something that has come up in daily work life. These can be in areas such as preparing for a meeting, dealing with a conflict, dealing with a perception of failure or success. In these sessions the focus normally revolves around debrief, ventilation, preparation and exploration in the moment.

In-order to maximize flexibility and availability sessions can be face to face and/or digital anywhere in the world. There is an online booking system so that executives can “connect” with their team with up to 4 hour notice.

Finally there is only one price for unlimited access, meaning that for $7600, per executive, per year, executives are freed from any perceived economic constraints when connecting with their coach and/or trainer.

Our work out teams are waiting to challenge talent in their endeavors, drive their thinking to new levels and get them fit for their purpose. check out our team coaching offering