Personal Dojo / Extreme


A one year extreme wellness package designed for talented professionals who work to hard and play too hard. This program has been specifically designed for highly talented executives who have been playing a high level game and need a breathing space to recharge, bring balance and find inner peace.  Typical past participants are executives who are looking to reclaim calm in their lives, they typically recognize that the current trajectory is unsustainable. . 

This intensive experience includes unlimited personal digital access to your coach as well as an integrated digital mindfulness program with peers from around the world, up to 16hrs of shadow coaching, psychometric testing and a 24hr online support service. In addition you will have access to our experiential learnings exclusive out door activities giving you up to 4 outdoor activites for you and up to 5 colleagues or family members

Those who have benefited most from this package are those who are committed to getting back on top of their game they enjoy life to the full and want to bring their full focus back to their life.

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CHF 25,000 per participant


Prices are valid for 2020 and exclude VAT

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