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You say unlimited, does it mean that I can have one session per day?

Technically speaking yes, however a good coaching process allows time for reflection, digestion and action in between sessions: Seeds need time to grow before they get water and sunlight again otherwise they can get overstimulated.

Is virtual coaching as powerful as face-to-face?

Yes, and it really depends on personal choice and taste. We have many clients who use only face to face coaching and others that insist on virtual coaching and some who like to mix it up a bit. We have found that it is not the medium that matters so much but the mind set you have when you’re coached that is more important.

Can I have a mix of virtual and face-to-face coaching sessions?

In short yes! Coaching that takes place in our offices incurs no additional cost, however be careful face to face where the coach needs to travel to you will incur additional charges.

How do I connect with you virtually?

For virtual coaching sessions, our preferred method is to be able to connect with you via our Zoom video and web conferencing platform, however we are also reachable on Skype, FaceTime or by phone.

What are the contractual terms and conditions?

  1. The Cost of the unlimited coaching package excludes Swiss VAT of 7.7%.
  2. The costs of the unlimited coaching package must be paid in full before the first coaching session can take place.
  3. Each session is 60 minutes long, it can however go up to 90 min at the discretion of the coach*.
    *It should be noted that, on our booking platform, only 90 minutes slots are available. It has been set up this way in order to allow the Coach to extend the session up to 90 minutes should he/she decides to do so and should the coachee has time. This does not mean however that the coachee is entitled to a 90-minute session.
  4. Should you choose the face to face option, in a location other than in our coaching space, the unlimited package excludes any travel time, associated expenses** and materials .
  5. For the face to face option, in a location other than in our coaching space, any associated travel time will be billed at CHF75.00 for each 90-minute slot, full or part thereof + associated expenses**

    Example: 1 coaching session in Geneva = 1x 90min travel slot (USD80) + 1x coaching slot (included in package) + 1 return travel slot (USD80) + 1x cost of rail ticket

  6. **Associated expenses
    1. Meals (if travel is over meal times) CHF25.00 per meal
    2. Public transport billed back at cost
    3. Car travel billed back at CHF 0.70 per kilometer
    4. Air travel cost (economy up to 4 hrs/5hrs+ economy plus/8hrs+ Business class)
    5. Hotel expenses 4-star accommodation cost
    6. All sessions must be booked by the client via our online booking system.
  7. Contract is valid for 12 months as per signed agreement
  8. Cancelation policy: A session that is cancelled less than 48hrs in advance will be billed at an additional CHF75.- per slot booked (including travel slots if applicable). Prior to 48hrs notice no penalty will be incurred.

Prices are valid for 2019 and exclude VAT