At this time, all of our services take place virtually. Virtual sessions are not only convenient and more accessible, but also highly effective. You can hold your session from the comfort of your office, hotel or home, without having to navigate traffic and tedious safety measures. We have, and can, used several approved platforms but our favourite to date has been zoom.

Unlimited Coaching

Business Coaching Package

1 year CHF 6’500

6 months CHF 4’000

3 months CHF 2’500

C-Suite Coaching Package

1 year CHF 15’000

6 months CHF 9’000

Recovery packages


CHF 2’000 per month


1 year CHF 9’500

6 months CHF 6’500


1 year CHF 30’000

6 months CHF 19’500

Trauma Counseling

Trauma sessions

CHF 120 per hour

Must be accompanied with a referal from a doctor