It’s well known that we humans are hardwired to have one of two responses in the face of adversity – we either stand and fight back, or we run for the hills!  Evolution has seen us develop both these automatic responses for good reason. They maximise our chances of living for another day.

The thing is, our modern world evolves much more quickly than our DNA.  Right now, the smart thing to do is to take flight, stay safe and enjoy ‘40 days in the desert’.  And it is getting easier to do this: the Wall Street Journal reports that the higher paid you are, the easier it is.

But our experience tells us that Business Leaders are leaders for a reason:  They like to challenge problems and obstacles, take them head on and overcome them.  No running for them, it is all about the fight!

But why choose one or the other?  Why not do both?

At Experiential, our business is based on delivering Unlimited Coaching digitally, anywhere in the world, using our on-line platforms.  Our Five Steps to Success process means that whether you are isolated or in the midst of the storm, where you are doesn’t matter.

You can use these ‘ slow times’ for deeper reflection and personal growth with your coach, and at the same time, innovate your service delivery and communications to increase productivity and effectiveness.

So don’t run – don’t fight – do both!