A roundtable, although not mandatory, is recommend for those who’s coaching process is being financed by a third party. It is the opportunity to align coaching goals and potential outcomes between the coachee and stakeholders. This meeting typically happens at the beginning of the coaching process either after the initial pre coaching chat or after the first coaching session.
Typically the roundtable is attended by:
The coachee (mandatory)
The coach (mandatory)
Sponsors options are: boss, supervisor, HR director and/or project leader
Other stakeholders – this could include direct reports, clients, suppliers, family members or anyone who can offer a valid perspective (optional)
It is also an opportunity for the organization and coachee to ensure understanding around expectations. It is the meeting where the coachee and organization must be honest and transparent with “do-ability” trust and belief. It is important to clarify what will be different with the coachee after the coaching process.