Something has been playing on my mind for a couple of years now that I really haven’t spoken about it out of fear of being “politically incorrect” and hypocritical. I have been a coach since 2006, 14 years at the time of writing. I love my job and I believe strongly in the coaching profession. Nothing controversial just yet!

In this time I have, just as any professional, grown and changed my perspective on the coaching profession. I have noticed several phases and wanted to share these with you.

Phase 1 – Year 1

I just discovered this amazing tool called coaching, I am grappling with understanding how it works but I think I am getting the hang of this!

Phase 2 – Year 2

Wow it works and its great: everyone should be a coach! I believe in this so much that we need everyone to be coaches.

Phase 3 – year 3 – 5

It is really difficult to find clients… how does one market to find new coachees? I am going to have to supplement my revenue with alternative activities ..

Phase 4 – year 5 – 8

These other activities are leading me away from being a professional coach. I understand what the competencies of a coach are but these are different to being teacher, mentor, HR professional or consultant. These other activities are having a negative impact on my coaching philosophy and are disrupting my coaching state.

Phase 5 – year 8 – 13

I recognize I am a coach! These other activities brought me alternative revenue streams but they have also driven me away from my primary focus of being a professional coach.

Phase 6 – year 13 – 14

I am a full time coach. I only practice unlimited executive coaching for high talented individuals because I recognize this is where my coaching technique seems to invite the biggest reflection in people.

New controversial (hypocritical) reflection:

Coaching is not an “auxiliary” activity it is a profession. 

It is important for executives to have coaching skills. Having first aid skills are important, but you can not claim to be a doctor. The same is true for coaching.

Talented sports professionals are not coached by auxiliary coaches, the same is true for talented executives.

To be a professional coach, independence and objectivity to the coachee are sacrosanct. 

A coach is there for the coachee, in the moment, challenging thinking. This implies unlimited opportunity.

Digital coaching is driven by unlimited presence, and an unlimited desire to grow!

In conclusion

Commitment comes from the coachee, presence comes from the coach. By insisting on a one year process we guarantee commitment & presence.

At Experiential, we deliver Unlimited Coaching.  It’s all on-line, digitally delivered and stored for review, available anywhere in the world.  Contact us today to start your Unlimited Coaching! If you would like to share your opinions or make any comments feel free to do so here we are always interested in hearing your views.