Personal Dojo / Intensive


A one year intensive wellness package designed to keep you talent in balance.

This program has been specifically designed for highly talented executives who have been impacted by intense situations that have momentarily knocked them off pole performance. The program is focused around bringing equilibrium back to your life and decision making.

This program can be used in 1 of 2 ways:

1. As a renewal package after having experienced our unlimited extreme dojo. Typical past participants are executives who may had experienced loss of balance and having establish new goals and outcomes for their lives are eager to maintain their focus in achieving these new goals. We have often found that it can be difficult to maintain confidence whilst trying to establish a new direction, behavior, relationships, objectives and/or life style. The chance of avoiding relapse into previous unwanted behaviors are greatly increased with a coach by your side.

2. As a stigma free process to enable talent to train and maintain a healthy mind. In today’s global organizations, the mental health of employees is become increasingly critical. Work hard, play hard, can at times be taken to the extreme. Working across different time zones, cultures and languages in an ever changing world means increased stress. Signing up to this package gives you a competitive advantage to ensure that talented executives who you have invested in, maintain a healthy mind. To quote Deloitte’s recent findings “Employers that recognize the importance of addressing mental health in the workplace will reap the benefits, both in the near and long term. This includes everything from greater productivity to increased employee loyalty to a more diverse and inclusive culture.” 

Which ever reason you choose to invest in this intensive experience, it includes unlimited personal access to your coach as well as an integrated digital private mindfulness program.

Those who have benefited most from this package are those who are committed to getting back on top of their game but need some help with their metaphorical “swing” to come back stronger.

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CHF 9,500 per participant


Prices are valid for 2020 and exclude VAT

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