“It was a lone voice in the middle of the ocean, but it was heard at great depth and great distance” Gabriel García Márquez, Love in the Time of Cholera

With apologies to Mr Márquez, we at Experiential nevertheless suggest that at this time of disruption, it’s hard for any voice to be heard amongst the rapidly changing business environment that comes from dealing with the effects of rapid change.

Think about what has changed in the last few weeks:

  • Travel restrictions
  • Financial market volatility
  • Protecting the health of your teams
  • Protecting the health of you and your family!

And, of course, we have all become experts on hand-washing and coughing protocols.  Here in Switzerland the government has even issued rules on the disposal of tissues (ed: that’s a sentence I never thought I would read).

What changes have been placed upon your daily life?  What are YOU doing to remain on track to achieve your goals?

All this volatility makes it tempting to defer decisions, or seek your own counsel.  But our experience shows, it is exactly at times like these that the benefits of having a coach comes through.  Your coach is the perfect sounding board to help you keep focused on the goals you have identified as important.

In the last few weeks, our clients have told us, more than ever, how much it means to have their coach to be there with them.  They’ve said that it’s difficult to get away from all the ‘noise’ and their time in coaching provides just that.  Plus of course, your coach is someone in your corner, helping keep you aligned with your values and goals.

And times like these is exactly why we offer unlimited, virtual coaching. Book a session whenever you need, and talk to your Experiential coach from home or office – no travel required!

Who knows, perhaps it is your time to be the ‘lone voice in the middle of the ocean’?