Personal Dojo / Mindfulness


An eight week program that has been built to reinforce behaviors that talented individuals have already committed to achieving. The format is a digital experience with home practice and a private digital class room experiences. During the program you should count on committing at least 56 hours of personal practice (1 hour a day for 8 weeks) and up to 16hrs of formal class practice and exploration. This program may be taken as a stand alone practice but in our experience is more impactful when accompanied with the parallel support of a personal development professional: Psychotherapist, Psychologist, Coach, Councilor or Therapist.

Those who have benefited most from this program are those that are motivated to maintain behavioral goals, and are willing to make changes to their routines to support their well being and reinforcement of their new dynamic.

This package is also a fantastic way to start the journey into deeper reflection giving you a method to open up the exploration into physical sensations, thoughts, emotions and reactions. If you are looking to start out to discover more about yourself, or are looking to maintain commitment to goals or objectives you have set yourself, then this is a great solution for you.

Should you not already have some parallel support feel free to reach out to Speak to Lise or David today start your mindfulness journey. If you are interested in exploring this further then either send in a contact form

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CHF 500 per participant


Prices are valid for 2020 and exclude VAT

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