Servant leadership is the ability to trust your team enough to stand to one side, get out of your team’s way, and guide them to achieving your goals. Servant leaders know when to stop marching in front or pushing from behind.  It’s a subtle but important skill.  When standing to the side the only role for the talented leader is to understand and deliver what is required for the team in the moment. From this perspective the leader no longer has a “doing” role but a “being” role. She can survey the land ahead and decide what resources are required to enable the team to move forward without being slowed down. In the Servant Leader state the obvious question is “Team: what do you need from me now to support your advancement”?   This style of leadership is particularly powerful for the talented leader. At Experiential Learning we understand that although this is not a difficult state for talented leaders to learn, it is challenging to maintain. There are many factors that prevent this state from being consistently used. Ego, performance stressors, confidence, desire, goals, direction, emotional intelligence but to name just a few.  Our Unlimited Executive C-suite coaching service has enabled leaders to put this into practice.  To be able to maintain this state in spite of what is going on inside and outside. Unlimited coaching allows for just-in-time sharing, debriefing and learning. Because psychometric testing, shadow coaching and on call sessions are automatically included in the service, you will get a deeper and more relevant appreciation of the value of Servant leadership.  Finally a comprehensive Return On Investment study and recorded sessions allows for leadership to be measured, creating tangibility and pride in your leadership development. So what are you waiting for? Contact us today to design your own bespoke Unlimited Coaching Experience.