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Unlimited coaching

Our coaching offerings are different, we give our participants unlimited access to their coach. This is important for a number of reasons firstly from a process point of view unlimited gives the talented executives an opportunity to dive deeper into discovering themselves and their true talents. Executives have time to create a true feeling of trust and partnership, additionally it allows for proactive sessions and reactive sessions. Proactive to work on specific outcomes and personal development goals. Reactive to explore how outcomes and goals are being transferred into durable behaviors.

From a logistics point of view sponsors appreciate the simplicity of buying and management. Buying because its one purchase order for a one year process, no hidden additional cost making it easier to budget for. Management because the whole experience comes with logistical support for setting up sessions, identifying goals, progress checkin and its digital so works all around the world.

We have designed three coaching offerings enabling flexibility to choose the right package to suit your talent needs.

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