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Unlimited C-Suite Coaching

As a talented C-Suite executive you worked hard to develop your skills and abilities, there is no doubt in your ability to deliver. You are a proven leader in your field, and it’s time to consider how you can maximise the best years of your career. Experiential has been coaching people like you for over a decade. It’s been our experience that for people like you, it’s not just about demonstrating (again) your talent or being competent: it is winning that really counts. In this new dynamic you recognize that it is no longer about you, it’s about the team.

Those who choose unlimited C-suite coaching often tell us that they value the opportunity to have their thinking challenged. They are seeking neutral provocation to their perspective and welcome the honest, transparent and non judgmental questioning of their observations.

• Personalised one-on-one process
• Partnership with dedicated, professional and certified coach
• Unlimited service and access to coach year round
• Exclusive proactive & reactive digital coaching sessions

• Digital shadow coaching
• One price for global access
• Measurable results

Experiential offers Unlimited Coaching C-Suite service to transform you from player to winner.

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CHF 15,000 per person for 1 year

CHF 9,000 per person for six months

CHF 5,000 per person for three months

Prices are valid for 2021 and exclude VAT

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