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Our coaching philosophy?

Beyond proficiency in the use of moves, mind, spirit and stillness the greatest wisdom a full time professional coach possess is mindful awareness. Awareness creates the space for intuition as to which move to use in which moment, with which client, or perhaps to just...

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Fight or Flight? ….. or Both?

It’s well known that we humans are hardwired to have one of two responses in the face of adversity - we either stand and fight back, or we run for the hills!  Evolution has seen us develop both these automatic responses for good reason. They maximise our chances of...

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The Servant Leader – From Doing to Being

Servant leadership is the ability to trust your team enough to stand to one side, get out of your team’s way, and guide them to achieving your goals. Servant leaders know when to stop marching in front or pushing from behind.  It’s a subtle but important skill.  When...

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Ready to Choose your Coach?

I have yet to meet an individual who doesn’t want to grow. Of all the people Experiential Learning has worked with nobody has said to me “Hey David - listen I am done now, this is the finished product, here I am, perfect”! Everyone I have met can always see the...

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