I have yet to meet an individual who doesn’t want to grow. Of all the people Experiential Learning has worked with nobody has said to me “Hey David – listen I am done now, this is the finished product, here I am, perfect”! Everyone I have met can always see the potential for personal growth or betterment.

Shrewd business people do well to ask “Where do I want to invest for my growth? Should I invest in an executive development program? Perhaps in some training in a specific area? Or should I invest in a coach?”

These are all great questions.  However before we ponder this, we need to understand the end game. What would make a great return on investment and what would success look like? In other words what do you want to achieve? These questions transcend the standard approach to training, development or coaching.

So what is the return on investment for executive education? A quick web search will show you that, according to the results, no one is able to measure that or even commit to a figure, but all executive education outfits agree that executive education probably brings something.

Now run the same research for executive coaching and you are inundated with literally pages explaining ROI and how to measure it. A quick glance through these articles, papers and blogs reports a return on investment of somewhere between 37% and 5000%.

Four key points to consider when selecting your coach:

  1. be clear what you are looking for
  2. establish what success would look like for you
  3. invest where you feel you will get the biggest and safest return
  4. Contact us and talk about it, after all that’s what we’re here for!

Finally, investing in yourself is supposed to be fun as well. In fact we know that individuals learn best when it is enjoyable. So don’t forget to to enjoy the experience too!