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Unlimited Business Coaching

If you are considering Unlimited Business coaching then you are probably an upcoming executive on a trajectory. You are highly talented and as such are riding a wave. You have worked hard and may, at times, feel impatient with the pace of things. You are probably finding yourself increasingly outside of your functional comfort zone. You are perhaps becoming increasingly conscious of dependency in your global network. 

Experiential has been coaching people like you for over a decade. It’s been our experience that people like you feel now is the time to demonstrate your talent and leadership competence. Building your capability to lead downwards and increasing your connectivity upwards. Indeed you may increasingly find your self in projects and dialogues where you have no clear command, control or solution.

Those who choose unlimited business coaching often tell us that they value the opportunity to explore new opportunities in their environment. They are seeking the freedom to have their assumptions challenged and shifting to enable discovery of new positions of observation on existing or new challenges. Often those who choose business coaching are conscious of the need to become more “rounded” and connected leaders.

Business coaching has been purposefully designed for talented executives on a trajectory. These upcoming leaders have often shown great talent. They are on the move! As such we have designed a package that offers:

1 year of unlimited coaching sessions with a dedicated coach

An online booking system with flexible time slots

Roundtable sessions to ensure alignment to corporate learning goals

The possibility to use a psychometric tool to dig deeper

If our unlimited business coaching doesn’t sound like the right package for you why not take a quick look at our C-Suite coaching package. 

If you are looking for team solution perhaps take a look at our team coaching

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CHF 6,500 per person for 1 year

CHF 4,000 per person for six months

CHF 2,500 per person for three months

Prices are valid for 2021 and exclude VAT

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